who am i?

call me ember, if you like. my name here is unimportant.

names are containers for our selves. selves are containers for the chaos. my self is fragmented, by choice and by circumstance. most any name will do.

belief is fluid too.

that which we need is made as product. rebel against this.

love people. smile at people. embrace their gaze. cherish their presence.

you are the only one who can fix this. so is everyone else. you are everything. you are an ember in a wildfire. love people.

love people. be that which you wish you could be. embrace that which you are now. exist in this contradiction. love yourself. love people.

never stop loving people. hate people. hate yourself. love that which you hate. love it all. burn, hot as you can. smoulder forever.

dance in the ashes.