you may be shocked to learn that i am not, in fact, perfect.

these are some of the shots that would be my favourites, had i not bungled the execution. many of them are in soft focus, some are cobbled together in the edit because my vision wasn't strong enough at time of shooting, some are just plain awkward.

for whatever reason, they are images that i like, but would not want to place in a formal portfolio.

here i honour my mistakes and learn what i can do better, in the (likely in-vain) hope that i will one day be free of such close scrapes with success.

all images here are licensed under the creative commons attribution standard - please feel free to with them as you please, just credit me as the original artist. if you would like access to the associated RAW files, please contact me on

without further ado, i give you...

the hall of near-misses.